About Mir Garvy

I began writing resumes in 2009 after spending more than a decade writing SEO web content to help websites rank with Google. Since today’s resumes must also be keyword optimized—in this case, for applicant tracking systems—my resumes stand out. In addition, my resume designs are progressive, my messaging is tailored, and my writing is clean.

Next to the competition, my resumes are better, more effective, and give my clients a distinct competitive edge. As a result, my business has grown exponentially, doubling year over year.

Rather than expanding into limitless markets, I have kept my company’s growth to markets I know well and frequent regularly. Today, I direct a small team of expert resume writers who I have personally trained and mentored in my specific style and methodology of resume writing.

My resume writers have advanced degrees, finely-developed writing skills, many years of combined experience strategically tailoring resumes, and expertise in the latest in applicant tracking system technology. They’ve also been extensively and personally trained by me in my specific design and writing style for resumes and LinkedIn profiles using the compelling visual layouts and the content development process that I developed myself.

I remain involved in the initial phase of every project, speaking directly with each client to understand his or her career objectives. To ensure a smooth and seamless experience for my clients, I direct the development of each resume, oversee the editorial process, and review each final resume and LinkedIn profile. After thousands of resumes, I’ve refined the process to a science.

I’m also a job search speaker and I’d love to talk to your group of job seekers or career professionals. Contact me for details.